Atlas Production Group Lights Up Nasher Museum for CHAT-Literally

On January 5th, 2012 Atlas Production Group received a phone call and was asked to bid on production of the CHAT (Collaboration: Humanities, Arts and Technology) Festival’s opening night event. The date of the occasion was February 6, 2012 – a mere 30 days away.

Atlas Production Group was awarded the bid and got to work immediately conducting planning meetings with CHAT representatives and local digital artist Bill Seaman. The “vision” was to feature Seaman’s images as a projection on two sides of Nasher Museum of Art– covering the entire building – as well as on a smaller building that stands adjacent to the museum on opening night.

Knowing that winter weather in the southeast is very unpredictable, the Atlas team designed every aspect of the outdoor projection knowing it could be rainy and cold or it could be dry and mild on that night.

The two sides of the Nasher Museum of Art provided a huge blank canvas 120 feet wide by 32 feet tall. This area was much too large for one projector to cover. The Atlas team decided upon the use of three Christie Roadster HD 18K Digital (18,000 lumen) projectors – which offer exceptional image quality and detail for pure presentation. With a technique called edge blending, they projected three images with overlapping pixels at the edges to cover the two buildings walls.

If the building areas had been flat – that would have been all that was needed. However, the architectural design of the building, and one large awning, and needing to include the second building presented additional challenges for the projection. The Atlas team applied their expertise and implemented warping and masking techniques for the images. For example, masking allowed them to notch out portions of the video where the awning hangs so no images were projected onto the awning.
Once all projections were brought into the right exposure – two sides of the museum and the smaller building were 100% covered and the results – spectacular! Some guests were overheard saying “inspirational!”

Other production equipment used for this event included 20 foot scaffolding that housed the projectors, cabling distribution and GOBO lighting to project the CHAT Festivals’ logo – further branding the event.

Opening night indeed dealt rainy, wintertime weather. And Atlas Production Group was fully prepared. Our production team overcame all technical and weather related challenges, and opening night of the second annual Collaboration: Humanities, Arts and Technology festival was a huge success.

It is always nice to hear from our clients post-event.

Here is a nice testimonial from Todd Berreth, who works as a research scientist in the programming arts at Duke, “Thank you to Atlas Production Group – I was impressed by your efforts and professionalism throughout this entire project.”

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