Duty, Honor, Country – A Star Studded Celebration at Fort Bragg

On April 5th, 2012 a Special Forces Graduation and Statue Dedication Ceremony was held on the military base of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. In attendance were Ross Perot, a huge supporter of the Special Forces branches, and members of the Kennedy and Yarbrough family, and about 1000 members of the military and local community.

General William Yarborough, who in his retired life resided in Southern Pines, North Carolina, passed away in 2005. He was a veteran of three wars – WW II, Korea, and Vietnam. He was a highly decorated paratrooper and is considered by many one of the most imaginative, innovative combat leaders that America has ever produced.

The historical Kennedy connection to this event was none other than JFK – who approved the formation of the Green Beret Special Forces branch based 100% on recommendations to do so from General Yarbrough. In 1961, President John F. Kennedy flew to Fort Bragg and announced the formation of the Green Beret – wearing a green beret.

Fast forward to early spring of 2012. Atlas Production Group received a phone call to produce an upcoming dedication ceremony at Fort Bragg. Immediate planning ensued and a production plan created.

The Atlas Team thought of several special touches for this event – from a special stage to highlight the military band to using the same exact podium that JFK used in 1961 to announce the forming of the Green Berets program.

An 80×100 foot tent spanned the grounds to host the celebration. Atlas Production Group built a 40×40 roof structure, using a Prolyte truss based system – huge!

Soon into planning, the military was forced to cut their budget for the event. Originally our Atlas Team had spec’d a top end linear array system for audio, but we re-engineered our design economically and met their budget and audio needs using more traditional audio speakers.

The ceremony directors wanted to display special videos during the event. For this we incorporated a 9×12 Barco Outdoor LED Screen to proudly stream their videos in a seemingly “real-time” scenario.

Atlas Production Group chose conventional lighting fixtures with color correcting gel to help eliminate shadows for video image magnification; did we mention that Atlas Production Group also utilized HD video cameras to capture this event for Fort Bragg?!

Atlas Production Group was proud to be the vendor of choice for this All – American event. The event was executed like clockwork – very fitting for a military event. To see other political events Atlas Production Group has worked on, click here.

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