5 Tips for Nailing Your Event’s AV Walk-Through

When organizing an event that relies on audiovisual content, including your AV planner from the early planning stages and in the first walk-through is critical. After all, the AV production team has the specific knowledge and detail to blend AV seamlessly with your location, speakers, entertainers, vendors, and sound and lighting plans. Here at Atlas Production Group, we’re sharing five of the walk-through tips that can help you and your AV planner create a seamless, successful experience for all.

1. Consider Spatial Requirements

AV screens and displays are a regular part of the landscape at today’s events. They vary in resolution and aspect ratio, which means your venue’s interior needs to be able to accommodate them. Walking through the venue and event plan lets your production team take notes on the venue’s size and spaces and floorplan landmarks such as doors.

2. Note Electrical Outlets

Electricity plays a significant role in most events. The walk-through allows you and the AV planning team to note the outlets, decide their part in the event and advise if you need additional power sources. Knowing where the outlets are saves time during set-up. It’s a great idea to furnish your AV team with a venue map to note the outlets so that there’s no need to rely on memory. Any additional materials you can give your AV professional makes your and the team’s life a little bit easier.

3. Review Loading Docks and Parking

Your AV planner will need to know the nearest access points to the outside of the venue to make a plan for delivering, installing and testing the equipment before the big day. You might consider supplying the production team with a facility or venue map with exits marked in addition to the physical walk-through.

4. Inventory AV Equipment

A physical walk-through gives your AV planner the chance to inventory in-house equipment and decide if rental or new equipment is needed. Perhaps you need more powerful microphones or a new LED wall. Whatever the need, it’s best to place the order sooner rather than later so that there’s time to test and understand the equipment, avoiding snafus on the event day.

5. Communicate Often and Consistently

Once you’ve walked through your event plan with your team, let them know how you prefer to communicate and how often, whether by weekly in-person meetings or via online chat or email. Invite them to approach you with their questions or concerns and remind them you’re there to work through any problems with them. If your AV planner is a contractor, think about setting aside regular meetings to catch up on developments. Remember, clear, consistent communication keeps everyone calm and gets the job done. Contact Atlas Production Group online or call us at (919) 398-6034 today to get more tips on nailing an event walk-through. We can’t wait to make your event a success!

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