Why Your Company Needs an AV Partner

When it comes to event planning for companies, it’s common to hire outside vendors. If you consistently produce events that require an audiovisual provider, you should consider establishing a partnership with a company that you can trust.

There are several reasons why an AV partner would benefit you and your company. Here are just a few.

Increase Productivity

You undoubtedly have certain expectations for your events and want your vendors to represent your brand with the highest standards. An AV partner that has worked with you consistently on several events will be able to anticipate your expectations and meet them.

Duplicate events will inevitably happen, and working with the same provider ensures that production will become increasingly faster and more efficient, limiting your time spent micromanaging each element.

It Is Cost-Effective

Partnering with an AV provider will also reduce costs. Pricing for a single transaction is often higher than recurring pricing. If you can guarantee future business for your partner, you will see that reflected in quotes.

As you build a relationship, you will learn your AV provider’s trends. For example, if you know that prices are lower during the off-season, you can plan your events accordingly. Planning ahead can also work in your favor. You can leverage your schedule to negotiate better pricing for more costly events. In this sense, creating a give-and-take relationship will be lucrative for both of you.

Build Trust Through Consistent Collaboration

Using the same AV provider for all your events is an exercise in building trust. With each production, you learn more about their team’s capabilities and can build a relationship based on proven actions.

An AV team is part of your event from start to finish, and the quality of your production is a direct reflection of their abilities. As you build trust within your partnership, you will find that your events become increasingly easier to pull off.

Find a Good AV Company

The first step in this process is to find a great AV company to collaborate with you.

Here are three elements to look for in a partner:

•  Reliability: Search for consistency in their references.

•  Communication: Pay attention to how they communicate during the vetting process. Are they forthcoming and detailed?

•  Creativity: Let the work speak for itself. Ask for several examples of work from different time periods. You can look for progress and innovation. 

Looking For A Full-Service Event Production Group? Work With The Best. 

When it comes to your company’s event, we’re sure you want it to go as seamless as possible. Working with a reputable full-service event production company will help make that happen. 

No matter the size, venue or location, Atlas Production Group offers production options that fully support any event’s scope and focus. Our mantra remains that we allow our clients to focus on the event attendees’ experience, while we worry about the technical details of the event.

We are your problem solvers and will bring a professional, highly accessible team to service your project. Contact us online or call our team directly at (919) 398-6034 to set up a free consultation, today! 

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